Dog Safety Tips

dog safety tips

It’s the leash you can do

An article by Senior Constable Colin Mitchell, Ku-ring-gai Police for Education Event NSDTC on 12th May 2021

This evening I had the pleasure of presenting to the Northern Suburbs Dog Training Club at St Ives showground where I presented on the topic of “Dog theft”. Whilst we haven’t received many reports from owners that their dogs or pets have been stolen, it is a timely reminder to ensure you take measures to keep your dog or pets safe. In a nutshell, here is what we discussed:

  • Microchip your dog
  • Register your dog
  • Never leave your dog, or pet, unattended outside shops.
  • Have locks on your gates
  • Never let you dog play out the front of your home or in the front garden unsupervised.
  • Keep your dogs in a closed/locked area during the night … and day.
  • Have a collar with phone number on it
  • When walking your dog always have a lead on it
  • Take photographs of your dog and any distinguishing marks it may have.
  • Consider installing CCTV around your home – good quality with good night-time caption.
  • Sensor lighting around your home
  • Have Facebook and Social Media settings set to highest privacy settings to minimise personal information becoming readily available to strangers.

Never give out too much information about your dog or the cost/value of your dog to a stranger who may have approached you to pat your dog

Let’s keep our pets safe. Thanks ‘fur’ reading.

dog safety tips