22 November 2021

Most Training Classes officially finish on the last Saturday in November.

Some disciplines will continue with limited training over December and January, including Puppies for those who have enrolled.

For all other members, enjoy the break, but at least occasionally, continue to positively reinforce the skills you and your dog have already learned.

On Saturday Evening, 8th January 2022, commencing at 5pm, the Club will be holding a Rally Obedience Trial and Retrieving Ability Test for Gundogs Competition. Members are welcome to come along and watch or pre-register to help with the Trial Committee, but please leave non-competing dogs at home.

Classes recommence on Saturday 5th February 2022.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy festive season and enjoy the time to relax.

Welcome to the Northern Suburbs Dog Training Club (NSDTC).


We are an affiliate of Dogs NSW and have been operating in Ku-ring-gai since 1967.

Our experienced team of dedicated volunteers are here to educate members on responsible dog ownership and help them train their dogs to be well-behaved, socialised companions, who are a pleasure for their owners and fit well into the community.

We cater for all breeds and cross-breeds. Vaccinated puppies can commence class from four months.

Our classes are designed to build a bond between owner and dog using positive training methods and start with basic obedience.

Members can progress to the attainment of the Ku-ring-gai Canine Award and competition in a number of dog sports.

Our qualified instructors provide classes in advanced obedience, agility, Rally, gundog training, dances with dogs and tricks.

Members may also participate in educational seminars on diverse topics related to dog behaviour or health, which are run several times a year.

Come and join fellow dog owners for some fun, education and exercise with us here at Northern Suburbs.

Happy training!

Barbara Rogleff, President
Northern Suburbs Dog Training Club

Agility Training

Saturday Morning Agility will return on 16 October, in accordance with prevailing restrictions.

All participants must be fully vaccinated, acknowledge they have read and agree to the current Covid Safety Plan and Policy and pre-register.

Please use the QR Code displayed at the clubhouse to sign in.

Obedience Training (Oct 2021)

Obedience classes must be booked in, members are invited to book their class now with the class co ordinators for Saturday afternoons:

Step 1 Find your correct class from the list below for your dog.

Step 2 Email the listed class Co Ordinator with the following details:

  • Full name
  • Dog’s name
  • Mobile number

Step 3 Your class co-ordinator will be in touch.

Brand new Puppies under 6 months of age: Puppies Week 1-4 Eveevepark1@hotmail.com
Graduates from Puppies Week 1-4: Puppies 1Eveevepark1@hotmail.com
Brand new Dog over six months of age: New Dogs Vickievickie@clog.to
Graduates from New Dogs: First Class Debsdutta.debasmita@gmail.com
KK9: Second Class Jennyjenny.burnell@live.com.au
Third Class MargaretMargRamsay1@optusnet.com.au


Fourth class Advanced Skills Debsdutta.debasmita@gmail.com
Fifth Class CCD Learners Rebeccarebecca@nsdogtraining.org.au
Sixth and Seventh Class CCD Triallers and CD Triallers Rebeccarebecca@nsdogtraining.org.au

Our Obedience classes will be limited to ten including the Instructor and the Class Co Ordinator for your safety and the safety of others. To book in you must be a current member and have sent your vaccination certificate to our membership team.

We want to keep in touch with you and your Obedience Needs.


Are back on the 26th of February and 26th of March at 4:30 pm run by our popular Instructors Vince and Leire. We are aware some of our members have enjoyed accessing our experienced Instructors and may not be able to be on the grounds

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 832 3245 9125
Passcode: 123123

We are really looking forward to seeing you.


Chief Instructor Obedience.

Scent Work Classes

Scent Work Classes are now up and running.

Bookings for blocks of classes will be accepted by email only to goldsack@ozemail.com.au 

Each class will have a maximum of 6 dog and handler teams.

Classes offered on Saturdays:

Level 1 Beginners (6-week block using (primary) food) in Dog Hut B from 4-6pm

Level 2 Introduction to Odour 1 (6-week block where Birch odour is introduced) in Dog Hut B from 4-6pm

Level 3 Introduction to Odour 2 (4-week block where Anise odour is introduced) in Dog Hut B from 12-1pm

Level 4 Introduction to Odours 3 & 4 (4-week block where Clove and Cypress odours are introduced) in Dog Hut B from 12-1pm

Level 5 Advanced class for Triallers (4-week block where searches will be for all 4 odours) in Dog Hut B from 12-1pm

The classes scheduled for the remainder of 2022 are:

Level 2 Introduction to Birch Odour 15 Jan 22 to 19 Feb 22 : Fully subscribed

Level 5 Advanced 4 Dec 21 to 22 Jan 22 – Fully subscribed

Level 5 Advanced 29 Jan 22 to 19 Feb 22 – Limited spaces available for triallers

Level 3 Introduction to Anise Odour 26 Feb 22 to 26 March (Prerequisite Level 2) – Limited spaces available

Level 1 Beginners 12 Mar 22 to 23 Apr 22 – Fully subscribed

Level 4 Introduction to Clove & Cypress 2 Apr 22 to 2 May 22 (Prerequisite Level 3) – Limited spaces available

Level 2 Introduction to Birch Odour 7 May 22 to 18 Jun 22 (Prerequisite Level 1) – Limited spaces available

Level 5 Advanced 21 May 22 to 25 Jun 22 – Spaces available for triallers

Level 1 Beginners 2 July to 6 August – Fully subscribed
Level 3 Introduction to Anise 2 July to 23 July – Limited spaces available
Level 4 Clove/Cypress 30th July to 20 August – Limited spaces available
Level 2 Introduction to Odour (Birch) 13 August to 15 October – Limited spaces available
Level 5 Advanced 27 August to 24 September – Limited spaces available
Level 3 Introduction to Anise 15 October to 15 November – Limited spaces available
Level 1 Beginners 29 October to 3 December – Spaces available
Level 4 Introduction to Clove/Cypress – Limited spaces available

For each class, please bring your dog, a large quantity of high value treats, a lead of between 2 and 5 metres in length, a harness with a back clip attachment and a water bowl for your dog.

When your dog is not searching, he will need to be crated outside the building or left in your car between runs.

Gael Goldsack

Scent Work Coordinator.

Essential Documents relating to Training Resumption

The following documents relating to our Training Resumption are now made available to all our members. It is essential that all members sign and return the 2nd page of the Training Policy in hard copy of their Members Responsibilities Agreement on your first day of training.

Click on each of these to view the documents.

Many thanks to Wendy Jones from the Manly Club who has provided the following comprehensive PDF document full of Tricks, Training and other useful information for our NSDTC furry friends.