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Obedience Training

Time to book your class in

Obedience classes must be booked in, members are invited to book their class now with the class co ordinators for Saturday afternoons:

Step 1 Find your correct class from the list below for your dog.

Step 2 Book in here.

Step 3 Your class co-ordinator can answer any questions you may have about your obedience training and can be contacted on the emails provided.

Brand new Puppies under 6 months of age: Puppies Week 1-4 Julianwilljules@yahoo.com.au
Graduates from Puppies Week 1-4: Puppies 1Julianwilljules@yahoo.com.au
Brand new Dog over six months of age: New Dogs MikeMricher2711@gmail.com
Graduates from New Dogs: First Class Sandisandi@sothys.com.au
KK9: Second Class Jennyjenny.burnell@live.com.au
Third Class MargaretMargRamsay1@optusnet.com.au
Fourth class Advanced Skills Debsdebs.nsdtc@gmail.com
Fifth Class CCD Learners Rebeccarebecca@nsdogtraining.org.au
Sixth and Seventh Class CCD Triallers and CD Triallers Rebeccarebecca@nsdogtraining.org.au

Open UD and UDX classes are available by appointment.

Our Obedience classes will be limited to ten including the Instructor and the Class Co Ordinator for your safety and the safety of others. To book in you must be a current member and have sent your vaccination certificate to our membership team.

We want to keep in touch with you and your Obedience Needs.

We are really really looking forward to seeing you.


Chief Instructor Obedience.