Welcome to the Northern Suburbs Dog Training Club (NSDTC).


We are an affiliate of Dogs NSW and have been operating in Ku-ring-gai since 1967.

Our experienced team of dedicated volunteers are here to educate members on responsible dog ownership and help them train their dogs to be well-behaved, socialised companions, who are a pleasure for their owners and fit well into the community.

We cater for all breeds and cross-breeds. Vaccinated puppies can commence class from four months.

Our classes are designed to build a bond between owner and dog using positive training methods and start with basic obedience.

Members can progress to the attainment of the Ku-ring-gai Canine Award and competition in a number of dog sports.

Our qualified instructors provide classes in advanced obedience, agility, Rally, gundog training, dances with dogs and tricks.

Members may also participate in educational seminars on diverse topics related to dog behaviour or health, which are run several times a year.

Come and join fellow dog owners for some fun, education and exercise with us here at Northern Suburbs.

Happy training!

Barbara Rogleff, President
Northern Suburbs Dog Training Club

New Members Class – 6th Feb 2021

New Member classes commencing 6th February 2021 are now full. The next intake day for New Members is Saturday 20th February 2021.

Agility Training

Normal Saturday Morning Agility Classes are resuming from 6th February.

Pre-registration is no longer required.

Please use the QR Code displayed at the clubhouse to sign in.

Obedience Training (Mar 2021)

Our Instructors in Obedience have been working overtime to get the large numbers of new and enthusiastic members looked after for all their training needs. We have welcomed many new handlers and their dogs to the Obedience classes at NSDTC in February 2021.

In the month of February our Obedience Instructors have provided two hundred and fifty-nine members (259) with some great training at out 3pm classes. That means that five hundred and twelve (512) lessons were given to members during the month of February 2021. I am very proud of our great team of Instructors and so thrilled that our team has managed this number of members with a smile and some great training.

To keep the quality of our training up to current members we have closed off new members for March but will be back taking new members after the Easter break.

All further inquiries regarding information about classes within NSDTC can be emailed to rebecca@nsdogtraining.org.au or calling Pat (9816 1347) or Christine (9457 8336)


Chief Instructor Obedience.

Essential Documents relating to Training Resumption

The following documents relating to our Training Resumption are now made available to all our members. It is essential that all members sign and return the 2nd page of the Training Policy in hard copy of their Members Responsibilities Agreement on your first day of training.

Click on each of these to view the documents.