Dog Training Classes

Motivated dog training by experienced instructors.

St Ives Showground, North Shore, Sydney

The dog obedience training methods used by our Club are the up to date, motivational methods in which correct behaviours will be rewarded.
Our aim is to teach you, the individual, how to train your dog. Each week you are taught a series of simple exercises in class which you should then repeat at home during the week. We then recommend you spend at least 10 minutes training your dog each day at home.

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What to bring to your dog training class

  • Your dog must wear a flat collar with identification. Should you have difficulty controlling your dog on a flat collar your Instructor will advise you on a suitable soft check training collar or training harness, which may be purchased from the club shop. The use of check chains is actively  discouraged by this club.
  • A fabric lead approx. 750mm – 1.2m long. (NO extenda leads please).
  • Suitable casual clothes. Sensible, closed-in shoes – no high heels, scuffs, sandals, thongs or bare feet.
  • Tasty, soft food treats for rewards e.g. cheese, cooked sausage, chicken – cut into tiny pieces. A ‘treat pouch’, available at the club shop, will leave your hands free & prevent your pocket becoming unpleasant! Food in a plastic bag is not recommended as it is too hard to get food out of it quickly.
  • Plastic ‘pick up poo’ bag(s).