We cater for all breeds and cross-breeds. Vaccinated puppies can commence class from four months.

Our classes are designed to build a bond between owner and dog using positive training methods and start with basic obedience.

Members can progress to the attainment of the Ku-ring-gai K9 Award and competition in a number of dog sports.

Our qualified instructors provide classes in obedience, agility, rally, retrieving, scentwork, dances with dogs and tricks.

Members may also participate in educational seminars on diverse topics related to dog behaviour or health, which are run several times a year.

Come and join fellow dog owners for some fun, education and exercise with us here at Northern Suburbs.

Happy training!

Vickie Dean

Northern Suburbs Dog Training Club

The aims of our Club

  • to promote in any way the training of dogs of any breed to be obedient, companionable & useful
  • to encourage, assist & instruct members & other interested persons in matters concerning training &/or working with dogs
  • to conduct training exercises, demonstrations & trials & to hold such other events as may be permitted by DOGS NSW
  • to promote public interest in the training &/or working with dogs
  • to educate & encourage members, breeders, exhibitors & judges to abide by the requirements of the standards as approved by DOGS NSW for the conduct of all trials
  • to promote good fellowship & sportsmanship amongst members & those participating in Club activities
  • to inform members of, & to make known to them the laws & regulations in the State of NSW relevant to the ownership of dogs, their care & also the responsibility of owners for the conduct & actions of their dogs
  • to foster friendship & interaction with other Clubs having similar aims

History of the Club

Northern Suburbs Dog Training Club was founded by Jim and Miriam Powell in 1967.

They were vitally involved in all Club activities & passionately interested in passing on their expertise to all who joined the Club. Jim took most of the new member classes & from day one; every new member was introduced to the magic of working with dogs.

Jim developed our Club’s original course for instructors & until his death in 1991; he conducted all the lectures for new instructors.

The Club trained at Claude Cameron Grove at Wahroonga until 1992. In October 1992 the Club moved to its current grounds at St Ives Showground where our present clubhouse was built during 1993 & a large covered veranda added in 2005.

Further improvements to our facilities include the installation of floodlights & the fencing of three of our training areas. The addition of fencing on the western side of Ring 1 has increased the safety for all dogs.

In 1997, the Ku-ring-gai K9 Award was introduced in conjunction with the Ku-ring-gai Council. In 1999, Saturday morning agility training was introduced. We now run agility classes twice weekly and have added Dances with Dogs, Tricks, Rally, Retrieving for Gundog and Scent Work classes for members. All levels of Obedience classes are held on Saturdays.

Modern motivational methods form the basis of our training methods in all disciplines taught at the Club.

Our Club enjoys the reputation of being one of the top dog training clubs in NSW. Our members have competed in trials at all levels in all disciplines and have been awarded top honours. Basic companion obedience starts with instruction in our popular Puppy and First Classes.

There is plenty of parking & the many trees around the rings make this a truly unique & enjoyable area in which to train in the company of like-minded people & their dogs.

Our Involvement with the Dog World

The controlling body for all the following dog-related activities is DOGSNSW.

The Bill Spilstead Complex for Canine Affairs
Luddenham Rd, Orchard Hills.
PO Box 632, St Marys 2760
(02) 9834 3022 or 1800 451 375 

What We Teach

The following are taught at Northern Suburbs Dog Training Club

Dog and Puppy Obedience

All dogs are taught the basic obedience skills such as walking calmly on lead, sitting, dropping, standing, staying & coming when called. We also offer instruction in all other levels of obedience. Talk to an instructor if you are interested in obedience trialling & they will give you more information. Dogs can be entered in Obedience trials once they reach the required standard of obedience training. 

Rally Obedience

Rally is an interactive & motivational sport for handlers & dogs. Handlers are encouraged to use verbal praise & patting at all times during training & trialling.
Basic Rally exercises are taught in all classes at NSDTC. Once members reach 3rd Class, we offer Monday night Rally training sessions for those interested in competing in trials or just wishing to enjoy the experience of furthering their dog’s training.

Agility Training

In Agility, dogs negotiate a set of obstacles, such as jumps, tunnels, dog-walk, weaving poles, etc. with the handler encouraging them from one obstacle to the next. Dogs must be at least 12 months old & have reached fourth-class level in  obedience at the club before starting introductory agility training. Northern Suburbs Dog Training Club holds agility training on Saturday mornings & Monday nights. Monday night sessions are for advanced level dogs only.

Dances with Dogs (DWD)

Dances with Dogs provides handlers & their dogs with an opportunity to demonstrate a skillful, enjoyable choreographed routine, performed to music.
It encompasses two separate divisions: Free Style & Heelwork to Music. Classes are held on the first Wednesday of the month. Dogs start by learning the basic moves then progress to incorporating them into a choreographed routine. Dogs of all ages can take part.

Gundog Retrieving

The dogs are trained in basic obedience & retrieval of game & dummies from field, bush & water. Classes are held on Wednesday evenings for NSDTC dogs from first class upwards.

Scent Work for Dogs

The dogs are trained in basic detection skills and trained to find and indicate 4 odours.

Tricks for Dogs

Handler’s and dogs are taught ANKC trick classes from Starter to Advanced. Providing the team’s knowledge and ability to compete in competitions.

Other ANKC activities

These are not taught at Northern Suburbs Dog Training Club

Herding: The ANKC Herding Program is designed to preserve the traditional working styles & herding instinct in all breeds with herding origin.

Sheepdog trials: A dog will work with their handler to put sheep through a set course, negotiating obstacles until the sheep are penned.

Endurance test: The Endurance Test demonstrates the dog’s ability to work whilst being subjected to a certain degree of physical strain without showing signs of undue stress or lack of constitution. Each dog runs a 20km course split into three legs of 8, 6 & 6km. The handler can jog or cycle beside their dog.
Vet checks are done before, during & after the test to ensure the welfare of the dogs.

Lure coursing: Mainly for Sighthounds. The dogs work in pairs of two compatible dogs chasing a lure (plastic bag) dragged by a pulley & battery system around a course at speed.

Earthdog test : This is for terriers & other breeds bred to go to ground. The dogs are expected to find hidden quarry in tunnels underground.

Tracking: The idea of tracking is to encourage dogs to make use of their strongest faculty by emulating, as closely as possible, the seeking & finding of a missing person.

Flyball: A relay race between two competing teams of 4 dogs. Each dog must race in its own lane, side by side with the other competing team’s dog. Each dog must go over four hurdles, trigger a flyball box, retrieve the tennis ball that the box has released & return over the four hurdles to the finish line where the next dog takes over.

Canine Nosework: K9 Nosework is a new activity for pet dogs, based on canine detection work. It harnesses the incredible power of the canine nose in fulfilling the desire to hunt. Suitable for dogs of all ages & personalities, it builds confidence, mental & physical fitness & is exciting.

Drafting: The ANKC Drafting tests are for dog breeds that traditionally pulled small farm carts. The dog has to negotiate a set of obstacles whilst pulling a cart

Breed shows: In Breed shows, pure bred, registered dogs compete against each other to see which dog comes closest to the breed standard. Breed group categories are: Toy, Utility, Working Dog, Gundog, Hounds, Terriers & Non Sporting.