The Kuringai K9 (KK9) Award Programme

Is a training programme , run by NSDTC that focuses on the fundamentals of what every good dog and every good dog owner should know.

From the day you join NSDTC you will be working toward these essential pet behaviours in your weekly classes.  They include:

  • Car safety
  • ‘Come’
  • Walk nicely on lead
  • ‘sit’ , ‘down’ and ‘stay’
  • ‘settle’
  • polite gateways
  • polite greetings
  • acceptance of restraint, grooming and gentle vet check and
  • owner education in animal care and the dog laws


The KK9 AWARD Test and Certificate

When ready, you and your dog will have the opportunity to run through a simple competency based test. The test serves as:

  • an achievable goal for every pet owner and dog
  • a promotion to 3rd class
  • a joint Kuringai Council/NSDTC initiative to promote responsible dog ownership.

Graduates receive a special Certificate endorsed by Kuringai Council.

The Ku-ring-gai K9 Award

1. Practical Test:

Road Safety: The handler will tell the dog to wait whilst they open the car door & attach the lead. The handler will then invite the dog to get out (if the dog is wearing a car harness, this must be unclipped & the dog told to wait while the lead is being attached). The handler will then pick up a basket (supplied by the Club) & walk to a gate with the dog on lead, ask the dog to wait, open the gate & walk through (inviting the dog through with them). The handler will then close the gate behind them

Accepting a friendly stranger: The Tester will shake hands with the handler, then greet & pat the dog (not on the head). The dog should not jump on the Tester or shy away

Walking responsibly: The handler will walk a set course with the dog on their left side. Sits, downs & stands will be included (the dog is to walk without pulling)

Sit or down stay: The handler will leave the dog in a sit or down position, move 5 metres away & wait for 30 seconds before returning to the dog’s side (the dog must stay in position until the handler has returned)

Grooming & vet check: The handler will groom the dog. The Tester will check ears, eyes, teeth, tail & feet (the dog should show no sign of stress or shy away) & ensure that the microchip is in place

Release & recall: The dog will be released in an enclosed area. After a short time the handler will call the dog to return. The dog must return promptly to the handler so the lead can be reattached

Walking through a crowd: The handler, with the dog on lead, will walk through a group of people holding various objects (eg umbrella, whistle or hooter ) & doing various things (eg sweeping or wheeling a trolley/stroller/bicycle). The dog should not jump on anyone in the ‘crowd’ or show undue stress.

Supervised separation: The Tester will ask the handler if they can hold the dog. The handler will hand over the lead & walk out of sight. The Tester will examine the dog’s ID tags. After 1 minute the handler will return. The dog does not have to stay in one position but may not continually whine, bark or pull on the lead. The Tester may talk to the dog but should not engage in excessive talking, patting or management attempts. This exercise demonstrates that the dog can be left with a friendly person & will maintain good training & good manners.

Throughout the test exercises handlers may use praise & encouragement.
Food & toys are not permitted during any of the exercises except during the recall where a toy or food may be used as an incentive.

2. Take home Questionnaire on animal care and owner responsibility.
You will have a week to complete this questionnaire. All answers are available from the Green Handbook you were given when you joined.

The Kuringai K9 Award is not a competition but a competency test . All successful candidates receive a special certificate and lead.