The Ginny Legh Puppy Versatility Award


Puppy Versatility Award

Selection Criteria:

The award would be open to any puppy who have competed puppy class at NSDTC and was still a member of the club at the Christmas party when the presentation is to be made.

The qualification period for the annual award would be up to 18 months prior to the Christmas party; e.g. a puppy joining after (1st) July one year could be considered in the following year. This means the dog could possibly be 2 years old at the time of presentation and have had plenty of time to join and train in other disciplines.

The puppy must complete the 4 week puppy course, then join one or more disciplines offered by the club where ANKC titles could be obtained it that sport. The puppy would not be expected to compete in the sport, just attend a minimum number of 6 classes. Disciplines not taught at the Club would not count towards the award.

The disciplines that would count towards the award are:

KK9 (test to 3rd class)

Tricks (any age of dog accepted)

DWD (any age of dog accepted)

RATG (any age of dog accepted)

Scentwork (any age of dog accepted)

Rally (dog to be in 3rd class to participate)

Agility (dog to be 1 year old and in 4th class to participate)

Instructors, or experienced trainers e.g. someone who had previously trained a puppy or dog to competition level at NSDTC, regardless whether they had actually competed or not, would be ineligible for the award. 

Also an addition under “Other Awards” “Title Mementos”. We need to add “Scent Work” to the second paragraph. I assume we also should list “Tricks” as this is now a titled sport.

A plaque is awarded to any Club Member whose dog gains an ANKC Obedience, Rally O, Retrieving Ability, Agility, Dances with Dogs, Tricks or Scent Work Title.  The mementos consist of a timber base to which gold title plaques are added as acquired throughout your dog’s career.

One base is provided per dog for Obedience, Rally, Retrieving, Tricks and Dance titles.  One base is provided per dog for Agility titles. One base is provided per dog for Scent Work titles.  If titles exceed space provided a second base may be requested.