Obedience Training

The Club offers Obedience training on Saturday afternoons.

New Member Intakeenrolment generally occur every second training Saturday 2.15 – 2.45pm. Please check the exact date of the next Member Intake here.

New Members – Puppy Class 4 week program (under 6 months of age) ON LEAD at all times. Puppies are promoted to Advanced Puppy Class on successful completion of the 4 week program.

The earliest puppies are able to join the club would be 14 weeks of age. They must have had a C3  vaccination (distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus) administered at or after 12 weeks of age. The club then requires a delay of two weeks after vaccination before they can join classes.

The NSDTC Inc Vaccination Policy can be viewed here.

New Members – First Class 4 week program (6 months of age & over) ON LEAD at all times. Dogs are promoted to Advanced First Class on successful completion of the 4 week program.

Continuing Classes. To graduate from Advanced Puppy & Advanced First class to Second, Third and Fourth class, you and your canine friend will be tested on set exercises by an instructor.

Karin & Gracie Heeling