Yaps & Yelps is not currently being published.

Yaps & Yelps is the Club journal & contains highlights & photos of Club events & everyday training, useful information on training & keeping your canine friend healthy and members’ trial results. It keeps members informed of all happenings and events within the Club.

The back page shows a three month calendar of NSDTC Doggie Diary Dates.

To view the newsletter(s), click on the link below. You will require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the newsletters. Click here to obtain the Reader.

Club members are invited and encouraged to contribute to the journal.

Articles for Yaps & Yelps should be emailed to the editor, Linda Zanella at

Please state ‘For Yaps & Yelps’ in your email subject line. Emails without this are likely to be deleted for security reasons.